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Sunbasket Review – Is this the Best Service For Delivered Meals?

sunbasket review
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Looking For a Quality Delivered Meal Service? This Sunbasket Review will help you decide if this is the right choice for you.

In our increasingly fast-paced world, it can be hard to incorporate healthy eating into our routine. After a long day at work or taking care of children, cooking an entire meal for yourself or your family can feel almost impossibly tiring. And this is ignoring the hours that go into planning meals and shopping at the store. Having someone else plan, purchase, and portion your ingredients is a huge time saver in the long run.

But when there are so many different food kit services out there, how do you choose which one is right for you? Well, here’s a food kit service that I’d argue provides many more perks and options that other services like it just don’t.

Don’t look any further.. This is the Sunbasket Review you only need..

Here are my honest thoughts on the Sunbasket food service. But first…


Every Plate Meals / Sunbasket / Hello Fresh – Why Choose a Food Kit Service?

Aside from saving you some time, a food kit service can really help you cut down on wasted food and money.

I know what when I shop at the grocery store, there are times when I buy snacks or dinner sides that I never end up eating. They eventually end up spoiling or going stale and I’m out the food and feel a little guilty for being wasteful. But with a food kit service, you’re given the right amount of food to feed your family. You won’t have to worry about buying too much of a side or the main dish.

You’re also saving money by not eating out as much.

While pretty much every food kit service isn’t dirt cheap, they still cost less than taking the whole family out for dinner. Sunbasket can cost as low as 10.99$ a portion. It’s nearly impossible to spend that little at a restaurant so it’s easy to see how you can save a significant amount of money in the long run.

And since Sunbasket provides 99% USDA certified organic food, you’re also helping the planet and your health.

For those not in the know, organic food is awesome because the farmers don’t use harmful fertilizers or growth hormones on their produce or livestock. Organic farms are also committed to using renewable resources and conserving any soil or water used to grow produce. This means that you’re consuming fewer pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

Keep reading this Sunbasket Review and you will find out if this is a service you might benefit from.


Signing Up and Choosing Your Meals

It’s incredibly easy to create a Sunbasket account and start picking your meals. Just put in your name, email, and zip code and you’re ready to sign up! Once you have an account, you can input how many people are in your household, what types of meals you want to have (we’ll dig into this later), and how many meals you want a week.

Sunbasket is super flexible so if one week you want 7 meals and the next you want 2, you just have to change it in the app. I really appreciated this since there are times where I’m eating dinner at a friend or family member’s house or I have to eat out since I don’t have the time to cook at home.

Once you’ve decided how many meals you want to be sent, it’s time to choose the recipes. Aside from just providing healthy food, there are options for people who are on a Paleo diet or are diabetic. I really appreciated this because most meal plans only offer a vegetarian option (which this service does, too). I’m not on a special diet so I just went with the Chef’s Choice option. If you have children, there’s also a family menu. There are fewer recipes, but they’re all designed to appeal to children and their parents.

And aside from its healthy, organic food, Sunbasket also prides itself on its sustainability and environmentally-friendly packaging, but how green is it, really?


Sunbasket Packaging

I have to say I was a little disappointed with how much plastic was in the box.

Your Sunbasket ingredients obviously come in a cardboard box that can be broken down and recycled. Each meal comes in its own brown paper bag with a label on it that can also be thrown in the recycle bin, but the individual ingredients? They’re a bit mixed. Vegetables are carefully placed in the bag with no plastic packaging, but the herbs, spices, and meat are covered in it. While I won’t say I was appalled by the amount of waste, I wish Sunbasket wouldn’t act like their packaging is so unique. While I did like that the sauces are in reusable jars and squeeze tubes, the rest of the packaging is similar to a lot of the popular food kit services like Freshly and Blue Apron.

But I can overlook some exaggerated promises if the food is tasty and the price is reasonable so let’s talk money first:


Sunbasket Pricing

As I previously mentioned, Sunbasket meals can cost as low as 10.99$ a portion, but what is the exact pricing?

You can order as few as two recipes a week which costs 12.99$ a serving. Ordering three recipes a week knocks the price down to 11.99$ per recipe and choosing four costs 10.99$. So to feed a family of four for 3 days, it would cost 143.88$ plus shipping. While that may sound like a lot, it’s important to remember that taking the family out would probably cost about the same or more if you factor in gas and sales tax.

Of course, you can find other food kit services with slightly lower prices, but they don’t guarantee organic ingredients and aren’t as customizable. I honestly think the extra few dollars are well worth it.

So Sunbasket is pretty decently priced, But how does the food taste?


Well, I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

All of the recipes were unique and lots of fun to make. I found that Sunbasket really tries to make each recipe fun and different from the others. The flavors in just one week vary wildly from ginger chicken to vegetable tostadas to Greek vinaigrettes. Sunbasket advertises “unreal flavor” and I wholeheartedly agree. The food is so unimaginably delicious that I was surprised how good everything tasted even though I knew the food would taste good!

I’ve used other food kit services and found that while the food tasted good at first, I would slowly stop liking it the more I ate it. This was not the case for Sunbasket’s meals. I kept each and every recipe to make in the future.

But a food kit shouldn’t just taste good. It should, ideally, save you time in the kitchen as well as the grocery store. So how does Sunbasket hold up?


Meal Prep and Cooking Times

So I’ve used other food kit services that promised quick cooking times but ended up taking anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to make. Luckily, pretty much all of Sunbasket’s recipes took anywhere from 30-40 minutes to prepare and cook. However, I did find that the cook times in the directions weren’t always accurate. I almost burnt one or two of my meals even though I was using the minimum cooking time outlined in the recipe. Needless to say, that was a little frustrating.

But I found that I lot of the food prep and cooking methods were really easy to follow. If you’re not that into cooking, but want to eat healthier, this is a great way to learn how to make gravy or stir fry meat and vegetables. There are also little sections in each recipe that detail little ways your children can help if you have them. I thought this was a cute way to help get the whole family involved in dinner prep.


How’s Customer Service?

One of the things that often decide whether or not I shop somewhere is how good their customer service is.

I don’t want to have to fight with automated systems or unhelp customer reps. But thankfully, Sunbasket’s customer service is responsive and helpful when contacted.

There are numerous ways you can get in contact. You can go online and send an email if you don’t like phone calls or you can call in if you’re feeling brave or need immediate help. If you need help and don’t have access to your computer, you can also text them.

But I should note that they don’t have 24-hour customer service. They don’t put their business hours anywhere which makes figuring out when it’s too late to call, but if you text or send an email later at night, you’ll generally receive a response early the next morning.

But for most problems I had, I could usually find a solution on the FAQ page so make sure you check there before you call or text.


How Hard is it to Pause or Cancel Your Subscription?

When you’re in your account, there’s a handy dandy “manage meal subscription” tab that allows you to change how frequently you receive a box, skip up to six weeks, or indefinitely pause your subscription. If you’re planning on traveling and want to cook at your rental house, you can have your box shipped there. Since you can choose which day you’d like to have your box delivered, you don’t have to worry about the current guests receiving your box by mistake. And if you’d like to cancel your subscription completely, all you have to do is click a button. No more fees and you don’t have to pay for an entire year before you can cancel (looking at you, Spotify).

Another great addition is that you can donate one of your boxes to Feeding America if you so choose (tax writeoff, anyone?). But in all seriousness, this is a nice addition to help out people who aren’t able to eat.

Just make sure you make all of these changes by Wednesday at noon PST the week before or the changes won’t register for the upcoming week.


How Sunbasket Is Different

So we’ve already gone pretty in-depth into Sunbasket’s organic dinners, but did you know they offer other meals too?

If you want to completely convert to a Sunbasket diet, you can add coffee, breakfast foods like yogurt and granola bars, and even quick pasta or salad lunches! I found this little detail super convenient because I could essentially choose to never go to the store again if I absolutely wanted to.

It’s also a great ally to just about any specialized diet. Wanna eat low carb? There are meals for you? Do you have diabetes? Just check out this specialized menu and choose what sounds good!

It’s super convenient especially since a lot of similar services only vegetarians substitutions.


How Does Sunbasket Stack Up Against Other Services?

There are so many of these food kit services that I couldn’t possibly sample every single one, so let’s just compare it to one of the most well-known services out there: Blue Apron.

Both services are pretty similar in regards to how you sign up. Each of them also offers a wide variety of flavors and spices so you can really stretch your palette and try new things. They also sustainably source meats and seafood so you never have to worry about growth hormones sneaking in.

But while Sunbasket is definitely more expensive than Blue Apron’s meals (which cost 9.99$ a portion and shipping is always free), I think those few extra dollars a portion really make a difference. Sunbasket’s meals tasted better than Blue Apron’s almost every time and there are so many more options for people with certain dietary restrictions.


Sunbasket Review – Who Sunbasket Isn’t For

When you look at the different food kit services, you’ll find that most of them have meals that just about everyone will like. Sunbasket is a little different. If you’re looking for recipes for delicious comfort food, this isn’t the service for you. Pretty much every recipe is rich in vegetables and lean meat so if you love southern home cooking, this probably isn’t going to cut it for you. I’d recommend at most having meals delivered for a week or two at a time to mix up your dinner plans.

Sunbasket Review – Who Will Love Sunbasket

Sunbasket is for someone who’s looking to eat delicious, healthy food and doesn’t have the desire or time to scour the internet for recipes. It’s also a great service for people with specialized diets.

People who want to get a bit adventurous and try new foods are also going to love this service. I know that it seriously spiced up dinner time and made me look forward to every new recipe I tried.


Sunbasket Review – The Good

The food is delicious, the portions generous, and it’s all sustainable!

I seriously can’t tell you how awesome this service is. I’d say I love everything and just leave it at that, but here are some specifics for why this is a great food kit service.

A lot of the time, healthy food is portrayed as a more boring way to eat and Sunbasket is a perfect example of why this just isn’t true. Sunbasket really exemplifies what’s fun about cooking and eating healthy: you feel great, and your wallet does too. I used to eat out all the time, but once I used Sunbasket for a while and learned what I liked, I’ve learned how to make food that tastes better and doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg. And that’s the best praise I can give Sunbasket.


Sunbasket Review – The Bad

With a lot of these meal services I find that over time, you start getting repeat recipes (since, y’know, there are only so many ways to cook meats or veggies). Because all of the recipes are really good, this isn’t much of a problem early on, but eventually, I ended up canceling the service because I both wanted to try finding my own fun recipes and I wasn’t as thrilled to eat these meals as I had been in the beginning.

Of course, I do find myself wanting to try something different so I will occasionally order some more Sunbasket boxes for a week or two, but this (and many other food kit services) definitely isn’t a permanent solution. But it is cheaper than hiring a personal chef so y’know…


Sunbasket Review – The Conclusion

I love Sunbasket. I love the meals. I love how easy they are to cook and I love the pricing.

This is a great choice to inject some healthier choices into your weekly meal plan. I know that it can be hard to find healthy recipes that you think you’ll enjoy so this is a great way to figure out which fruits and vegetables you like to eat.

I also found that I learned quite a bit about cooking. I was never a terrible cook, but I was definitely inexperienced. The little recipe booklets provide such easy to follow instructions that I learned numerous ways to prepare different meats and veggies.

All in all, I’d have to say this is my go-to food kit service and I absolutely love the meals I get every time. If you’re looking to spice up your meals with delicious, healthy options, this is a great service for you!

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