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Best WordPress Hosting Convesio – Discover if this is the right Hosting Provider for you.

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Today WordPress hosting has become a very common subject in the IT industry. This is because it is not an easy task to find out the best WordPress hosting.

A few months ago, I was in the market for web hosting, and I looked at a number of different factors before choosing one provider over another. Unfortunately, with the number of hosting providers out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options.

A website without a good host is often one that won’t rank well in search, won’t load quickly, and will have a lower conversion rate. It’s no wonder then why quality web hosting for wordpress sites is so important. Before you jump right into buying or signing up for web hosting service, you need to know what features are available, how much they cost, and if they’re worth your money.

It sounds like you are interested in one of the latest WordPress hosting services out there, Convesio. This managed hosting service provides next-generation WordPress hosting and high scalability performance.

But is Convesio the only player in this particular category?

What makes it different from anyone else?

Let’s dive deep into this Best WordPress Hosting Convesio analysis.




Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio

If you are looking for a highly rated managed WordPress hosting service Convesio is for sure one of the best. Together with WPEngine and FlyWheel, this hosting service was made for bloggers, developers and agencies because it can really help with administrating tedious website management tasks, so the Bloggers can focus on their creativity. They have features that help with content creators and developer needs, providing all these quality components at an affordable price.

I tested this new web host and found that it was able to handle a high amount of traffic (when people are online). Personally, I have found the CPU usage very stable and load times unmatched.

You can enjoy fast loading speeds wherever you or your customer is located because of servers located around the world and CDN technology.

For sites that need to be secure, reliable, and always up & running Convesio will be for sure one of the very few right choices available for you. Their robust security features will protect you from hackers and spammers while their hosting provides a safe haven for your site all day every day.

Convesio offers a variety of inexpensive yet powerful web hosting options. These options offer excellent customer service that ensures that newbies, as well as experienced internet marketers, are satisfied.

A new self-helping solution to create and administer your WordPress sites is powered by Docker containers. The first of its kind, Convesio creates WordPress websites that never go down.

Docker hosts are physical or virtual computers running Linux that have a daemon that builds and runs containers

The Docker platform allows you to run software applications in containers that run on the same operating system as the host but have their own disk space.

To configure everything properly, container services use software virtualization. It allows you to have an up-to-date website in a matter of seconds.

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Scalable WordPress Hosting

If you’re running a small personal site, you don’t need a full VPS or dedicated server — in fact, shared hosting could be all you need. Shared hosting is fine for small personal sites and blogs with low traffic volumes.

However, if your site is starting to get some real traction (or you’re planning on growing it), you might want to consider moving up to a more scalable WordPress hosting solution.

If you want to be really successful scalability is critical. If a viral post introduces more people to your site than you expected, your website should be able to cope or otherwise will do down.

These days, it’s important to make your site scalable efficiently. There are many factors you should test with to help identify where slow speeds may occur. The most common problem is usually due to a bad host provider and his outdated or overshared technology.

With hosts like WP Engine, Convesio and Kinsta currently offering unlimited scaling plans at competitive prices (and having solid reputations for support), why wouldn’t anyone want their site running on one of these?

Well, there are good reasons. First of all, most hosting providers and companies use cPanel as their control panel; while cPanel has its advantages, it also comes with its own set of problems. The main issue here is that cPanel doesn’t scale well when used on large servers; because each account has access to so many resources from within cPanel itself, a compromised account can bring down an entire server — which isn’t something you want happening on a high-traffic website.

Because of this use of standard technology such as cPanel as their control panel (and because they offer unlimited scaling), they are limited by what they can do outside of cPanel.

This means that if your site starts getting really big, or if you have a special need for additional functionality in your hosting environment, you might run into issues where your host just can’t provide it.

Two companies that do not have these limitations are WPEngine and Convesio. While these companies do not offer unlimited scaling plans as many do, they still provide superior scalable hosting solutions for any size site at very competitive prices.

Their offerings include things like SSD storage, one-click installs for popular apps like WordPress and Drupal, automatic backups, load balancing, IPv6 support, private networking, etc.—all of which are features cPanel simply cannot compete with.

One way to make sure your site is scalable and does not become overdue for upgrade is to invest in enterprise hosting for WordPress. In this case WP Engine has a custom enterprise WordPress hosting solution geared to the needs of websites that wants to grow fast.




Convesio Hosting Vs WPEngine Hosting

Convesio and WPEngine offer a variety of packages and features that makes it easy for you to get up and running with hosting for your business or personal website in no time at all. What’s more, many of the package both companies offers include great add-ons like automatic software updates, 24/7 customer support, and top-quality next-generation scalability.

They even offer a dedicated IP address which keeps your site more secure and is especially helpful when using WordPress. If you want an easy-to-use solution with plenty of room for growth, they are definitely worth checking out. You can learn more about their offerings here.




Convesio Review

With their fast web hosting and CDN technology, Convesio helps customers host a website and make it load faster no matter where the customer is.

Its hosting services are more secure and reliable, assuring that your site is up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their powerful security features also assist you in protecting your site from hackers and spammers.

The platform’s primary goal is to make building a website a simple process, without the need to write code. Start with three clicks and you know your website is deployed.

Convesio can help you with your WordPress requirements. They have a no-frills interface, which is easy and quick to work with. This helps you develop large-scale websites with great technologies such as load balancers, Docker containers and database clusters.

You can operate many instances of a service on separate computers with load-balanced containers, so if one system fails for any reason, another will take over and keep going without being interrupted.

With the Docker Cloud service, the best thing about containers is that they are fast and easy to scale. The Docker Cloud provides a quick and easy way to scale your application with minimal resources.

Convesio servers have innovative features to ensure fast performance. These servers have a parallel database process, built-in edge caching powered by the fastest networks on the market, and HTTP/2 to ensure your site loads quickly.

By using load-balanced containers, you can operate many instances of a service on different computers at the same time. If one system fails for any reason, another may take over and work correctly without interruption. This also reduces downtime, which results in higher customer satisfaction.

Secure and save your work with the services Security Monitoring provides. They monitor your systems from a distance and in case anything happens, they can fix it quickly with specialists on call at all times.




WPEngine Review

WP Engine thrives to offer more than just hosting. They want their platform to host WordPress websites that would also be world-class and compete on performance as well.

WP Engine has managed to stay ahead because of the excellent features that allowed them to establish recognition among companies, developers, and bloggers.

WP Engine uses its innovative technology to help WordPress users with top-notch security, impressively fast load times, and automatic updating of WordPress plugins. With features such as staging and Git, WP Engine provides a seamless transition from free and basic to paid and advanced plans.

Though WP Engine’s pricing may be high for those unfamiliar with WordPress, it will appeal to users who have experience with the platform or users that want to upgrade significantly their hosting for a next-level service. They offer premium products that are sufficiently managed.

WP Engine contracts over other platforms because it ensures the security of its customer’s data. WP Engine provides SSL certificates to guarantee the security of your customers and additionally does daily scans for malware.

WP Engine features Speed and improved performance. It automatically takes care of caching (object, page and database) to ensure fast delivery. It also has a CDN for static content on impressively quick delivery times. They have partnered up with StackPath to provide CDN support for their customers. Using a CDN can drastically reduce latency and site speed. Having a CDN is free with all the WP Engine plans.

WP Engine does have the most impressive development tools in the WordPress hosting market. In particular, one-click development makes WP Engine the clear winner when it comes to the development of WordPress sites. Hence, in the past, a lack of a pre-live test site prevented WordPress from being as efficient as needed and impaired its speed. WP Engine’s single-click staging area has eliminated this problem and Git version control, as well as one-click restore options, add to their already impressive development features.

When you choose custom enterprise hosting, you can fully benefit from WPEngine’s high-performance infrastructure. This provider’s top-notch technology allows the site to load quickly, scale efficiently and offer dependable security, that’s why companies like Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services have chosen WPEngine. They also provide managed onboarding (ensuring WordPress installation can accommodate new staff), and proprietary caching.

WP Engine created a platform built specifically for high-traffic websites that can scale up to 100 million users. The company offers reliable and secure services to monitor uptime and data backup in case of any performance problems.

WP engine is a platform with rich easy-to-understand information and high-quality support. They provide step-by-step tutorials and courses to help you learn more about their service, manage your hosting account and troubleshoot. They have one of the most robust customer support available in the form of email ticketing, live chat, or phone. You can reach their customer care team from 9 am to 6 pm through a toll-free phone number while they are available 24/7 through email tickets. The live chat line is open from 6 am to 8 pm Central Time.

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Final Thoughts

If you are in the market because you want a basic hosting service with competitive pricing and great features I suggest you to stick with a hosting like Bluehost.

To be honest for their services and pricing Bluehost gives you very high quality hosting that others may charge you probably around 50% more (mostly oriented for shared hosting and websites with up to 25k pageviews a month)

For more top-notch advanced Hosting Services though WPEngine and Convesio are a great solutions that will assure your website is taken care of with the latest technologies and high-quality customer service. I suggest you to only choose those 2 if you have a website that has more than 25k pageviews per month or if is growing fast. I personally prefer WPEngine has is more price competitive and is a company been in the field for around 20 years and has customers such as Google and Amazon.